The Adjustment Bureau

1-adjustment-bureau-copyThe Adjustment Bureau, based on a Phillip K. Dick story, is a bit far-fetched, but a very engaging film. David Norris (Matt Damon) is a Brooklyn politician who meets a fascinating woman, Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) on the night that he has just lost the Senate election. When she quickly runs away, he is motivated to give a galvanizing concession speech that will reenergize his career.

A year later, the men of the Adjustment Bureau, an organization that adjusts humans to keep us following “the plan,” set up a situation where David’s day is supposed to be interrupted by one of their men Harry Mitchell (Anthony Mackie), who nods off and misses his assignment. When David sees Elise on the bus, the plan has gone awry.  Furthermore, he walks on in an adjustment of his boss, Charlie Traynor (Michael Kelly) and freaks out. Everyone is frozen while Richardson (John Slattery), the head of David’s team of Adjustment men, scans his brain.  They have to intervene with him and tell him what’s going on.  They burn Elise’s phone number and tell him he can’t have anything to do with her.  Well, David isn’t having any of this and he sets out to try to alter the plan so he can end of up the girl he loves. 

Matt Damon is excellent as David. Not only is he a believable politician, but his single-mindedness in trying to outwit the Bureau really makes the film move.  Emily Blunt is very engaging as Elise and Terrence Stamp is terrific as the man at the Bureau (“the Hammer”) they call in to make him give up his search

It’s a very fast-moving, enjoyable film with great music and it comes in at just over 90 minutes, so it’s the perfect length. It’s a really fun evening’s entertainment!

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